London Tech Week (LTW) 2024 held from June 10 to June 14 at the Olympia venue has come to a close, with the number of attendees tallied to be around 45,000, up from 30,000 last year according to Russ Shaw, the founder of Global Tech Advocates (GTA) and the founding partner of the annual tech event.

Shaw says despite having London in the expo’s name, they always aimed for LTW to be of global scope that just happens to take place in London.

DIGITIMES Asia‘s (DT) correspondent has spent a week kneedeep in the various events of LTW 2024, and the following are some highlights from each day of the expo that cover the full spectrum of UK’s foremost cutting-edge critical technologies with the potential to send ripples across the world.

Critical Technology and VC investments

DT’s coverage of LTW started with a closed-door seminar event away from the main spotlights of the grand opening. On June 10, at the Royal Society, international investors were gathered to receive a briefing on the progress of the critical tech sectors covered under the government-published 2023 UK Science and Technology Framework. The details of the organizers of this event and participants of a more offical capacity will not be disclosed due to the sensitivite nature of the UK’s pre-election period.

The event mainly highlighted the UK’s critical sectors including semiconductors, AI, medical tech, and Quantum technology with a panel discussion amongst international VC firm operators sharing their respective success stories in the UK and beyond.

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