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  • Start date: October 14th 18:00 GMT
  • End date: October 14th 20:00 GMT


Decoding the Digital World

Are you wondering if (or when) intelligent machines will take over your job? Would you like to know whether the hype around AI is really justified? Are you mystified by the dark web? Have you had problems with hacked email, bank or social media accounts? There are many good reasons to learn how IT really works.

The only question is where to start: Despite the recent addition of computing to school curricula, programmers and computer scientists are still a minority in modern society. The vast majority of us are mere “digital literates” whose competence does not extend far beyond the use of social media, office software, browsers, chatbots, streaming services and similar IT applications. In other words, while almost everybody has at least rudimentary IT skills, only a small number of people has in-depth IT knowledge. This rift between IT professionals and amateur IT users is one of the defining features of the digital age. Without foundations in advanced mathematics and coding, it seems, there simply is no point in trying to figure out how trendy tech like AI actually works.

Decoding the Digital World aims to prove that everyone can gain a deeper understanding of IT. The three masterclasses successively explain the basics of machine learning, the internet, and the tactics of cyber attackers. Attendees need no programming experience and not more than primary school maths.

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