Why You Should Focus on Improving Your Office Space


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Whenever this new year becomes inspired you to finally move out of your garden office into a real one, or to relocate your business, or even to downsize to maximise profits, then you could be trying to decide between a private office and a shared space. Both options have a lot going for them, so this guide might help you to decide. Shared Offices Room and Money to Grow If you’re a start-up, growth is one of your top priorities, so you’ll need an office that doesn’t demand a huge upfront payment or deposit, or a long contract that could cost you a small fortune to get out of. In addition, shared office premises usually include utility bills, insurance and even stationery supplies in the monthly fee, which means you can predict your expenses from month to month. A different benefit to shared space is that you can easily rent another suite or couple of desks if you need more space. Networking at Work? A major draw for startups and young companies is the fact that shared spaces mean networking with and meeting similar people. This makes work fun, as well as more productive as you can bounce ideas off....

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