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    Agile Growth: Employees versus Freelancers

    If you want to grow your business you will undoubtedly face the following dilemma: should I hire someone or use a freelancer? For a startup with scarce resources making the right choice can be the ...

  • 5

    New Venture: How To Pick Your 1st Premises

    It can be very daunting having to take on your first commercial premises. So here we are proving a quick guide to the key things that you will need to consider when choosing your first premises. Kn...

  • 6

    Designing Your Office for Increased Productivity

    It’s not a secret that your environment can affect the way you work. Everything from the comfort of your chair to the lighting plays a role in how motivated and focused you are. This is something y...

  • 7

    How to manage proposals and win more clients

    A challenging part of managing a business is staying organised. Unlike a 9-to-5, if you don’t serve enough clients, you can’t pay the bills. Therefore, we spend a lot of time speaking to clients, m...

  • 8

    Coworking Report 2019

    Research by Cushman and Wakefield ‘Today, we can look back on two generally positive years for the UK office market, despite the political headwinds. This report aims to explore how the flexi...

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