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    How to Handle a Coworker You Dislike

    If you have a job where you have to work with a lot of people, you may have a coworker you simply despise. When a job throws many people together, they always don’t click, and yet they have to work...

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    How To Mould An Employee To Your Business

    Every business has a different set of skills and attributes that are desirable in their workforce. You may be lucky enough to find perfectly suited people at the first time of asking, although this...

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    Coworking London Conference – 6 Drivers of Growth

    eOffice hosted our 6th Annual ​Coworking London Conference​ at the end of June (​27-28 June​) across 8 London coworking venues in two days.  The educational event featured 30 of the leading voices ...

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    Are you hiring the right employee?

    Assessing candidates for an open role can be very difficult. How do you really know you’re hiring the right employee? If you don’t ask the right questions and fully assess their skills, you won’t k...

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    True’s Innovation Hub is a co-working space in Central-London for innovative young businesses in the retail, leisure and consumer industries. True’s innovation hub is a hotbed for creativity a...

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