Outsourcing IT (and how it could save you money)


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One of the basic considerations for many start-ups is whether to suffer the seemingly endless onslaught of mounting IT troubles or simply outsource to a professional provider. Of course, factors such as budget and how damaging downtime could be to your business are major considerations. While investing in in-house IT infrastructure may be appealing, sooner or later the demands for access to data will begin to take their toll. Additional servers will be required, which come with the associated costs of housing, cabling, and maintenance. Let’s look at the money saving benefits of remote IT support. What Does a Remote IT Service Cover? If you are considering outsourcing your business IT requirements, you may be wondering what types of data, programs, and physical infrastructure are included in the service. The important thing to remember is that a professional provider of remote IT support will work with you in ensuring all of your vital business needs are met. In general, you can broadly expect the following examples of remote IT support to be offered as part of your agreement: Email support Telephony (and any other audio-visual equipment) support Single site or multi-site network and server support Security software (installation and ongoing.... The post Outsourcing IT (and how it could save you money) appeared first on Coworking London.

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