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Moving your business from one office to another is no easy feat. There are risks involved that may be damaging to the operation of your business, so you need to take control and draw up a clear moving plan to streamline the process. This comprehensive moving office checklist goes through everything you’ll need to plan for when you’re making the big transition!   Include Your Team An office move is a hefty project so all the work cannot be left to one nominated employee! An overall moving project leader should be appointed to oversee the full process, but it can be a good idea to choose a few representatives from each department. This, of course, depends on the size of your company. If you’re 5 people things will be a whole lot different than if you’re 500. Each department should meet separately to condense a list of exactly what needs to be done before the big move. This list should be filtered back to the project leader by the department representative. The full office team should be regularly updated of any important changes, keeping everyone in the loop so no confusion arises.   Budget A moving project isn’t cheap so.... The post Moving Office Checklist appeared first on Coworking London.

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