How to Create a Security Culture Throughout your Business


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Does your business understand the importance of cybersecurity? A glance at the headlines reveals that businesses of all sizes suffer at the hands of cyber criminals every day. Some have even suggested that organizations focus too much on technology rather than providing training and putting policies in place. This can lead to a situation where a company that has invested extensively in cybersecurity technology can be an easy target for hackers. Given that human error accounts for the majority of data breaches, it is essential that you should foster a culture of security awareness and good practice around your business. Here are steps you can take to bring that culture to life.   Provide extensive training   If you want to instil a culture of cyber security in your business then you need to provide a high level of training for employees. Too often staff are confused about what they should be doing, having heard conflicting ideas about what constitutes good security practice. When you provide them with the knowledge, skills and tools, employees can be hugely important for detecting and defending against attacks. Training should cover everything from how to set strong passwords, manage, use and store data safely,....

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