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To all London coworkers, have you ever wanted a really different day at work? Maybe a change of environment would be good to give your creative and efficient side a boost? If this is the case, we know just where to go! Throughout the years London has gained a range of iconic images to present the city, such as the double-decker buses, black taxis, the London Underground, and not to mention the traditional red phone booths. It is certain that the red telephone box is a treasured part of British culture and, in 2015, it was even voted the nation’s greatest design achievement. However, the use of smartphones has been causing a steady decline in the everyday use of public telephone booths, dropping from 92,000 in 2002 to less than 48,000 today. As a result, it is just normal that we would wonder what will happen to these highly valued phone boxes. Luckily, Bar Works, a New York-based co-working company, has found an innovative and special solution to the abandoned phone boxes. During an interview with Tech Insider, the Bar Works CEO, Jonathan Black expressed his wish to find a new purpose for his hometown’s beloved phone boots: “I was thinking it....

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