9 Tips for Managing Staff in an Informal Workplace


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There’s a lot of information out there designed to help professional managers handle their teams of office-based staff, boosting their performance and keeping them on target. Leaders of smaller enterprises seem to go forgotten, particularly if they’re working in an industry that doesn’t necessarily play by the same rules as a corporate firm. Managing in a casual, service-based environment presents its own unique challenges, and it can be tough to navigate staff with zero-hour contracts and zero experience without an HR department to fall back on. If you’re just starting a management role in a workplace where jeans and t-shirts are the norm, here are a few tips on keeping your team running smoothly.   1. Hire Conscientiously The first step in effective management is hiring the right people in the first place. It starts with writing a good advert; know the skills, personality and availability of your ideal employee, and tailor the advert towards them. If you don’t find your perfect match, don’t worry – new skills are much easier to teach than new attitudes. Honesty, agreeableness and the ability to self-motivate are the most important attributes for most roles, as well as a personality and "vibe" that fits....

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