Symphony orchestras: the apotheosis of synchrony in technology?

Back at beautiful @CampusTelAviv & more convinced than ever that Israeli breakfast is the eighth wonder of the world. #pickledlemonforlife

RT @Pinboard: Luckily the NYT graphics department has the real story. 🌊🌊🌊

RT @Pinboard: The NYT is claiming that the catastrophic result for Republicans in Arizona shows the 'resilience' of the GOP base. I can't w…

RT @MalwareTechBlog: Have fun, and if you're enjoying the shitshow that is my life, consider donating to my legal defense:…

RT @MalwareTechBlog: Was so focused on my career that I'd work 90+ hours a week, slept during the day, rarely exercised or went outside, an…

RT @MalwareTechBlog: Recently realized that even under federal indictment my life is better and healthier than it was when I was living in…

RT @TheDailyShow: Jaws (1975)

Great to get this conversation restarted as think there is a lot of unclear dialogue around this topic!

RT @joelcomm: Each booth is an alternate reality.

@rsohoni Congratulations! So exciting. I am due in 4 weeks too. I put my OOO on and then have all mail auto archive. Works a treat :)

@Nafisa_Bakkar I need a process mapping. You do that we can teach you photoshop?

RT @jensenharris: When you're leaving a big company to interview at a startup, there are some hidden questions you might not know to ask.…

@LinuxLiaison Ran out of time on that I’m afraid. Also didn’t have it turned on for my own account yet — or I’d have screenshotted it all

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