All of this, in spades, with bells on, and sprinkles on top.

@jperlow no, Mr Perlow, I expect you to tweet.

Watching Goldfinger. Basically, Goldfinger is Trump, right down to owning the golf club. Gert Fröbe could be his body double.

How did I not follow @darth ? He (she? I'm guessing he) appears so much in my timeline that I thought I did.

@lisagrimm @kevglobal @Smithteamakers Thanks! Will check them out!

@gchicco @stef We will - I hope! ✌️

#bbcnewsnight Concerns about #Immigration can be addressed within EU free movement rules:

@mrJamesGraham congratulations- I loved it :-)

And no, I’m not doing a human cloning startup.

We’re only about a week into the Summer holidays and this little chap is already making it pretty special:

Trumpocalypse: A Nightmare From Which There’s No Normal Exit, by @20committee at @observer cc @realDonaldTrump

@gchicco @inthecompanyof it appears in a horrible twist of inverted serendipity that you two haven’t met?! Lovie Awards + Unicorns = Glitter

RT @MarkMarlow1: Cognitive Trends! #HRTechWorld @graemeknows @@obeddl #WatsonTalent #IBMDSNA

Hmmm. Moving swiftly from #digital to #golf @cgorellbarnes @MTBracken

RT @annwitbrock: @Suw Apparently camellia assamica has leaves 6-14 inches long I like any tea except Early Grey or…

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