Intel cancels Project Alloy VR reference design by @stephcondoncbs

How about Technical Co-Founder & Full-stack Develpoer with Finverity?

Pregnancy doctors back abortion on demand with no criminal sanctions

S&P 500 snags second weekly gain led by telecoms, financials

Theresa May has dispensed with Brexit threats in Florence to extend an olive branch to EU leaders, said Telegraph's…

🏆 🏆 🏆 Celebrations! Could you be @timewith_uk's Customer Experience Manager? #hiring

Brexit delayed to 2021 - the front page of The Daily @Telegraph tomorrow #tomorrowspaperstoday

UK downgraded by Moody’s amid Brexit pressures

John McCain dashes Republican hopes of repealing Obamacare by saying he can not support new bill

The Prime Minister wants us to leave in peace – for which she will have to fight hard - Charles Moore #premium

Facebook drops plans to create new class of shares

💃 💃 💃 Next level! Could you be @techhubriga's Ecosystem Development Manager? #jobs #community

Walmart opens 'in-fridge delivery' trial in Silicon Valley @natalienoell

Prince Harry meets teams in Canada for the Invictus Games

Raspberry Pi Zero-sized PocketBeagle: $25 open-source computer is tiny as a key fob @LiamT

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