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    Selecta Aff

    Music Artiste looking to become the next biggest thing for Africa in Europe trough music

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    Battle Roulette

    Exciting and innovative new form of online gambling giving punters better odds and a more interactive experience whilst we take a 10% registration fee per game.

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    Lexmark Printer Customer Support

    We provide Lexmark Printer Support in United Kingdom. call on 0800-051-3725 or visit-

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    MGDS Media

    Online Media Advertising and Events business

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    Facilitates knowledge retention and cross pollination of ideas by linking analysts to previous related work, within the organisation and across the web.

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    We offer off market turnkey investments with net yield of over 20% ! commercial and residential, mainly in the States.

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    Prime Dimensions Limited

    A Revolutionary ‘emergent’ new information’s fundamental basics data structures brings many order of gain in efficiency for Data Storage and Communications

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