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    Cambridge Electronics

    I am working an a pair of smart glasses better then other wearable smart tech piece. It would need 10-15 million US Dollar to start the prototype.

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    A service, sold to telecom operators to enable children to safely connect to the internet and use social media like Facebook without harm.

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    Inventor of the "Shared Internal Storage" (SIS) now more commonly called "Software Defined Storage"

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    promote healthy living products,and educate people how to work from home. have healthy coffee vending machines in offices and other places

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    Inflection Biosciences Ltd

    We are developing highly novel treatments for leukaemias and difficult-to-treat cancers, such as oesophageal and pancreatic cancers. Our molecules have the c...

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    Juno Internet Limited

    Our mission is to create a social betting community bringing together bookmakers, gamblers and tipsters through an intuitive and quick to use application.

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