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    Eco friendly innovative energy saving technology. For any diesel engine we save 2-10% on fuel consumption and decrease soot emissions by 35%

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    Conceive Media

    Development of global cross platform brands which are as creatively dynamic as they are commercially valuable. To create popular culture.

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    Internet Arts Ltd (t/a - Frame)

    Frame is a daily feed of outstanding products. The caveat is that one product per company can be featured at any given time.

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    Beauty Line UK

    Dynamic team launching highly established cosmetic products in UK, seek £193k, offer 30% 12 month ROI + equity. Break-even within 12 months.

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    G3 intelligence Ltd

    A one stop solution to fight Crime and Terrorism for intelligence agency and government bodies. Only few companies in the world today develop similar products

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    a VoIP and Instant Messaging app, embedded in Facebook, with integrated contact list and communicate with anyone anywhere for free

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    Prime Dimensions Limited

    A Revolutionary ‘emergent’ new information’s fundamental basics data structures brings many order of gain in efficiency for Data Storage and Communications

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