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    Clean Minerals Ltd

    To support the trade of minerals from Africa through standardisation and certification of the supply-chain due diligence assurance process

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    James Belly

    I'm James Belly, marketing consultant, providing info about digital marketing, small business marketing and small business advertising for the companies .....

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    London Compassionate News

    We are the first U.K. ,social and community interactive news, blogs, and video portal. We empower the youths to reach their potentials, and give the communit...

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    KidRated is the exciting online destination for families to plan the perfect day out. We are a Trip Advisor for kids.

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    UrbanShaadi is a portal which will help customers to find all wedding related vendors under one roof.

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    Lifetime is an idea of a social media app that mixes Instagram with Timehop. Parents could go to any date and basically show the journey of there childs life.

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    Hidden Pearls Islamic Gifts

    Hidden Pearls is Conducting an Event on Hidden Pearls Islamic Gifts on 10th February 2018 at Jasmin's Ltd, London, UK.

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    Harper is a fashtech delivery startup that solves the nightmare of returns and brings people and service to the forefront of the online shopping experience.

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