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    We train people to better pitch, communicate and lead.

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    PeerBrief is a social SaaS solution that allows you to hire referrals from your own staff or crowd sourced from external referrers.

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    Connect directly with the artists you love through live interactive experiences, & explore a passionate community of fellow fans.

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    Vita World Commodities Ltd

    Our market is the export of Premium Arabica green bean coffee from Ecuador into Europe and USA. Our customers are Roasters in Europe and the USA looking for ...

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    Alt-Fest Ltd

    The Largest Alternative Festival in the World - A WORLD FIRST - CROWD CURATED AND CROWD LED

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    Science: Disrupt

    Media and network organisation covering science innovation and entrepreneurship

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    Free sexting and casual dating site

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    ConcretePlatform™ is used by brands such as M&S and Gap to drive sales through the management and measurement of brand activity

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