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    Floatback Lures

    Floatback Lures - "Fearless Fishing" allows global fisherman to catch more fish and save money on lures. Floatback will change fishing.

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    Faster conversion insights and smarter analytics for decision makers

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    Ideal Flatmate

    Ideal Flatmate is the first flatmate matching platform in the UK where flathunters and landlords can find their most compatible living partners.

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    Vision Media London Limited

    Seeking £228,645 seed finance against 30% equity for VOD service for 48,366,179 Nigerian Internet user & Nigerian diaspora of 3,250,000 in USA and 3,000,000.

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    Loyalzoo is the UK’s largest loyalty app for independent retailers and eateries.

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    Girl Meets Dress .com

    UK's leading online fashion hire service. Hire the hottest designer dresses for a fraction of their retail cost.

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    James Belly

    I'm James Belly, marketing consultant, providing info about digital marketing, small business marketing and small business advertising for the companies .....

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