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    DataNav is a startup that has developed a cloud software platform designed for data gathering, compression and visualized analytics.

    IT Services
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    Saint Eligius PLC

    Dealers in rare & collectable coins and bullion purchased solely from respected dealers, selling globally to private clients and at auction.

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    Aaron Emmett

    Aaron Emmett has a proven track record of generating substantial revenue growth, Aaron is responsible for strategic direction of the company .

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    We DoConsultancyGroup work with other company's outsourcing its customer service so it focuses on core purpose, allowing the deliver the best customer service.

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    iMakr is the world's largest 3D Printing Store. iMakr sells best-in-class 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Filaments, Design Solutions and 3D Printed objects.

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    Cahootsy connects like-minded enthusiasts to get the Best Buys.

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    We get young people on to the property ladder faster!

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    District Technologies

    Our mission is to improve the user experience of buildings and connect people with what they love in and around them.

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