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    VIP Global

    To provide a professional and efficient protection driving service to HNW clientèle

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    Procyon Ltd

    Procyon, an innovative technology company has developed a device for the detection of Glaucoma, the leading cause of permanent blindness.

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    Start and take part in threaded video conversations with the people you care about.

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    Gant Innovations

    My product is an innovative Adhesive Paper Napkin I have now successfully patented this product in 38 countries There will be an uplift in sales of over 13%

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    WakaWaka Restaurant

    Sharing the taste of nigerian cuisine in a family friendly and luxurious environment

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    We want to create a mobile app which will allow users to play games and earn coins, which they can use to buy products from our online store in the app.

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    Profile is a new social network that combines multiple online identities into a single online profile in addition micro blogging features

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