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    Espresso Translations

    Espresso Translations is a leading translation service providing a collection of specialist translation services to individuals and companies internationally.

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    Silver Hat development

    Pre start up company looking for investment to get off the ground, we provide, websites, software and Android and Ios games

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    DICE Networks Limited

    DICE is unique and is revolutionising the world of fixed line communications. We give everyone access to the benefits of VoIP and save everyone money.

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    True North Partners

    True North Partners LLP is an independent consulting firm based in London, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and Zurich and we specialise in finance, risk and strategy.

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    Best Essays Writing

    Professional best essays writing service, research paper and term paper writing service.

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    Capito Systems Limited

    An intelligent speech assistant for mobile eCommerce apps. Complex apps made fast and easy to use through voice control and interaction.

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    The latest films via internationally emerging 4G Mobile - at the same time as theatrical release: revenues via subscription and ad-based

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    Quick Study

    A website offering instant expert knowledge. The world's leading minds encapsulate their subjects in short text interview with audio option.

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