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    ASE Assist Limited

    Developed remote working course and commercial operation for hard to reach sector: lone parents, ESA etc

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    Käthe und Ludwig

    There's a growing trend & demand for homemade clothing especially for children and women, and homemade textile gifts. K&L is Seeking £15,000 in total funding.

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    Beauty Line UK

    Dynamic team launching highly established cosmetic products in UK, seek £193k, offer 30% 12 month ROI + equity. Break-even within 12 months.

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    A mobile app that stores loyalty cards on customer's phones. It also allows retailers to engage customers and monitor their loyalty scheme.

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    Our vision is to be a leader in the integration of real-world and online marketing through the synchronized launch of a new soft drink and online community w...

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    Cloud Employee

    Offshore IT staffing Provider to UK Tech Startups and SME's.

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    Capito Systems Limited

    An intelligent speech assistant for mobile eCommerce apps. Complex apps made fast and easy to use through voice control and interaction.

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