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    Global Database

    Global Database provides the most accurate B2B data for companies and executives across 195 countries.

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    Vastari Group

    Online platform that introduces museum curators and private collectors to facilitate exhibition loans, and facilitates worldwide exhibition tours

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    Good presenters have great slides Great presenters know how to get their audience involved.

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    Nomos One

    A cloud property management software that is transforming the commercial property industry. Product ready, world-first features and paying customers.

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    Fast, rich, real-time client intelligence

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    Ripula Limited

    Providing Peer-to-Peer payments and instant cross-border transactions backed by the Ripple protocol.

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    WiredScore aims to provide transparency for digital connectivity in commercial buildings across the USA & the UK.

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    Pam Sotiropoulos

    Pam Sotiropoulos is a Successful Forex trader, who has great experience in emerging market currencies, investment origination and financial strategy.

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    The Work Crowd

    The Work Crowd is a marketplace that gives businesses seamless access to expert PR and marketing freelancers in a fast and cost effective way.

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    IDGO Ltd.

    The UK's 1st combined proof of identity & contactless pre-paid card for public members aged 18 & over to use safely whilst on the go!

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