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    West African Delights

    The purpose of my Pitching is to secure funding from investors in order to open and up and running my new Cafe.

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    The online community for people supporting a loved one through the turbulence of mental illness.

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    Eric Bash's Company

    License mining operators in Ghana seeking start up funding for gold and diamonds projects. Investment with great ROI and investors needed.

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    A service, sold to telecom operators to enable children to safely connect to the internet and use social media like Facebook without harm.

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    Tech Will Save Us

    Toys kids build and then bring to life with electronics and code, while learning STEM skills for their futures!

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    George Dragoi

    Who am I? I am a malware researcher and reverse engineer who provided expertise for top ten antivirus solutions world-wide.

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    We are a general trading company looking for equity funding of 100000 usd dealing in various commodities

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