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    Carbon Voyage

    A collaborative online marketplace to match up excess transport with user needs reducing cost, carbon and congestion.

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    Senta Technologies Limited

    SentaSecure will sharply reduce and, in many cases, eliminate the billions that are being lost annually due to cyber crime.

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    The company is a producer of a fitness product.

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    Banram Ltd

    Beauty Services, Body, Eyes, Hair, Massage And Nails Treatments

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    mi-carlife ltd

    A Big Data analytics company that collects driver information via an app and licenses it to companies in the vehicle eco-system

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    DevScore enables recruiters and HR staff to accurately assess and validate a developer’s skills and experience in an easy understandable format.

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    Scott's Startup

    Scott.Services provides professional online services to all small to medium sized businesses such as SEO, PPC, remarketing.

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    Ipad Hire

    Tablet or iPad rental is ideal for cutting edge events, exhibition stands, product launches, demonstrations and conferences.

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    CheckRecipient uses machine-learning email security to prevent sensitive information being sent to the wrong people. Never send a misaddressed email again.

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