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    Alex's Startup

    An student centric intellegent portal for learners of languages/core curriculum whilst meeting the needs of national governments and various stakeholders

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    G3 intelligence Ltd

    A one stop solution to fight Crime and Terrorism for intelligence agency and government bodies. Only few companies in the world today develop similar products

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    Monreal London

    The new women's luxury sportswear brand Monreal London is raising the stakes for players who value style and quality as highly as scoring!

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    Overdose Media

    The company aim to develop applications for mobile devices and wearable computers. We already have a portfolio of five game apps listed on the apple app store.

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    Käthe und Ludwig

    There's a growing trend & demand for homemade clothing especially for children and women, and homemade textile gifts. K&L is Seeking £15,000 in total funding.

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