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    McKainWaid is a designer fashion label that blends the urban cool of New York Style with London eccentricty.

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    Bleenka e' un'app, supportata da una piattaforma web, che ti aiuta ad avere un appuntamento reale con chi ti piace senza alcun rischio di essere rifiutato

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    Strand of Silk

    Online retailer of contemporary and ethnic collections. Collections from the best Indian designers, including a specialised bridal service for wedding shopping.

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    Mobile wallet catering for social payments through instant messaging.

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    The dating world is becoming more profound online, however the online dating platforms lack engagement and substance. I'm here to solve this

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    CF LTD

    Private Bank lending, Listed Buildings, Commercial lending, Ex-Pats, Discreet Financial solutions for high net worth clients

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    offshore Financial service

    Our ventures are (1) tax havens, (2) privacy, (3) investment opportunity, and (4) managed currency risk.

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    CloudText to put simply is a multi-platform word processor with powerful, yet easy to use collaboration tools.

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    Rug Cleaning London

    Try out the professional rug cleaning services offered simply by Rug Cleaning London, uk.

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