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    Our vision is to be a leader in the integration of real-world and online marketing through the synchronized launch of a new soft drink and online community w...

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    Lacuna Solutions

    A powerful Market Intelligence solution which brings advanced analytical and workflow management together with intelligence.

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    I want to open a small eatery to show case the flavours of British and congolaise food I have come to love and grew up with. All fresh and authentic

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    My Music ltd


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    Book Abacus

    Artificial intelligence driven Book Recommendations and price comparison

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    Meta Forensics

    Meta Forensics is a website architecture, internal link analysis and SEO tool that helps users identify unseen website problems.

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    re:Viral Ltd

    reViral, a UK start-up focused on development of novel therapies for respiratory syncytial virus, a major untapped market. reViral has been founded by the ...

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    Serious Games Finland

    An independent vehicle elaborating existing operations of a well-known global player to consumer markets globally by utilising tech from gaming and kinetics.

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