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    The Bob App Company

    The Bob App wil solve a distressing and time consuming problem for passengers globally.

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    Hotelsgoeurope is a limited company in the UK. It provides an online booking system to allow customers to book hotels and flights and also Travel Insurance

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    We connect high-volume sellers to world-class suppliers through comprehensive data and algorithmic recommendation engines with the focus of increased profits

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    Shabana 's Startup

    Promising Muslimah aims to provide an ongoing motivation for Women to stay healthy.

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    West African Delights

    The purpose of my Pitching is to secure funding from investors in order to open and up and running my new Cafe.

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    George Dragoi

    Who am I? I am a malware researcher and reverse engineer who provided expertise for top ten antivirus solutions world-wide.

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    Our mission is to raise global literacy standards by giving young writers a worldwide audience for their written work via our safe, online, educational platform

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