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    Cosmydor Ltd

    Cosmydor is a French heritage cosmetics brand founded in 1877 - relaunching hand-made in France, organic, products served by a luxury, beautiful brand.

    Consumer Products
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    To democratise discretionary investment management for the mass market through the internet.

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    VN Automotive Ltd

    Automotive manufacturers are under legislative & financial pressure from governments to reduce CO₂ emissions and increase fuel efficiency. EHG resolves this iss

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    Emery Pi

    The British Art&Fashion project with 3 years long painting period in surrealist style with the fashion part to focus on coat / dress lines.

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    LiveStyled is THE live commerce platform to engage fans and monetize the data gained from interactions.

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    Juno Internet Limited

    Our mission is to create a social betting community bringing together bookmakers, gamblers and tipsters through an intuitive and quick to use application.

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    Our vision is to be a leader in the integration of real-world and online marketing through the synchronized launch of a new soft drink and online community w...

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    Allows consumers to use their mobile devices to log complaints to major brands and get response back in REAL TIME

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