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Wayra UK 2017

We believe that innovation can come from anywhere. Our mission at Wayra UK is to democratise entrepreneurship, both in London and throughout the UK. We help to identify, develop, promote and scale UK-based start-ups by leveraging Telefónica’s global resources. As part of Telefónica Open Future_, a global innovation network open to partners, Wayra UK is committed to the internationalisation and scalability of UK-based start-ups, including those founded by migrant entrepreneurs and by people from diverse backgrounds. With a strong belief in partnership, we openly collaborate with anyone who realises that innovation cannot be done in isolation. This includes companies that recognise that corporate acceleration is an emerging, growth-hacking solution not only for scaling start-ups, but also for solving large-scale problems facing society.


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    See the world, on your terms.

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    ANDi Games LTD

    ANDi is your personal Mobile Games Assistant. Helping you find the right games at the time you'll want to play.

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    The future of visual collaboration.

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    Hip-Hop community & Rap Studio that fit right into your pocket.

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    Digital behavioural change for the 21st century

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    Wi-5 is the world’s most intelligent Over-the-Top Wi-Fi engagement platform, using machine learning to build beautiful relationships between brands and people.

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