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IBM Global Entrepreneur

Build, launch and grow your startup with IBM Global Entrepreneur. As an IBM Global Entrepreneur, you get access to all the benefits of a global company with the support of a local community—including free cloud credits, technical expertise and one-to-one mentorship. Join now.
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    Compare and Share

    The comparison site for sharing. We bring 1,000s of shared experiences together so it’s easy for you to find & compare accommodation, transport and more.

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    World Around Me

    World Around Me is a local discovery app to help in searching local places & services worldwide in visual orientation towards the place using smartphone camera.

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    Push Technology

    We make the Internet work for our mobile-obsessed, everything-connected world.

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    All-in-one mobile tool for FI, Hospitality, Retail, Brands and Agencies that brings and keeps customers. Kingdon gets you more of steady business without risk.

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    Know Now

    KnowNow Information is an award winning smart city services company. Working with cities around the world and developing innovative information solutions.

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    Powering change and innovation in transport with aggregation and analytics service for UK public transport.

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    Advising customers on Cloud and bringing together best of breed cloud solutions and platforms.


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