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Yoyo Wallet enables mobile payments and automated loyalty, providing the integrated tools to reach targeted customer segments, drive sales anf increase revenue


Yoyo Wallet is an app that enables mobile payments and automated loyalty. With a laser like focus on what is important to our customers and to our retailers, we built Yoyo to benefit both sides of the coin. With secure fast payments, loyalty, our customers are secure and empowered. For retailers, we provide integrated marketing tools to reach targeted customer segments, drive sales, increase revenue, and offer an elevated customer experience

Management Team

VP Architecture

Erol Ziya

Previously VP Engineering at Yoyo, Erol grew the team out and now heads up the architecture team. Prior to Yoyo Erol was a Solutions Architect at many global companies including Hibu (Yellow Pages), Fortune 500 CBRE and FTSE 100 Land Securities

CEO & Co-Founder

Alain Falys

Co-founded and ran OB10, the world’s largest electronic invoicing network. Investor: Partner of Firestartr.co. Co-founded Omnis Mundi, an e-commerce incubator, with successful startups such as BuyVip sold to Amazon in 2010 for $100m. Advisor: Venture Partner at Imperial Innovations Plc, Director at ACE Software and Chairman of TreasuryView. Executive: Previously Senior Vice President at Visa International.

CRO & Co-Founder

Michael Rolph

Previously advisor at Azimo, mentor at Seedcamp, non-executive director at The MoBank Group, director at Anthemis, senior business development at PayPal

VP Product

Shawn Zvinis

Previously co-founder and CEO of Tab. Named one of GQ's men of the next 25 years to watch

VP Operations

Andrew Horton

Previously head of Infrastructure Planning at OB10, IT manager at Cooper Lancaster Brewers. Network manager at ITEC

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