Valueform Ltd

Valueform makes food packaging for supermarkets from straw(waste material)that is cheaper than the plastic and paper packaging it replaces.


Valueform make food packaging from straw that is cheaper & biodegradable unlike the plastic & paper products that we will replace.Valueform have a suite of patented technologies that allow us to substitute paper and plastic products, by having the same tech specs but by being cheaper in price. Having developed the products with the Co-op and Marks and Spencer they now want high volumes and to license our technology to their existing suppliers.

Management Team


Jaydeep Korde

: Jaydeep Korde. Jaydeep has a degree in electronics engineering & computer science from Edinburgh University and has been a special advisor to the British government designing and buying UK government technology platforms. He has also designed and built software systems for major corporations, including banks, defence contractors and pharmaceutical businesses. He Sold his ASP software business in 2005. He has hands-on M&A experience having su


Prakash Damodar Korde

Mr. Korde has a degree in Engineering and has spent 30 years in innovative technologies and marketing. He has extensively researched, tested and patented the technology required in the Valueform production process. Mr Korde will act as the Technical Director and will be responsible for all technical matters arising during the testing and production in addition to the licensing of intellectual property. He has won multiple industry awards in the r


Mandar Kulkarni

Mandar Kulkarni, who has 15 years experience as a qualified accountant and has recently worked as a finance director in a large private equity firm. He will act as the CFO for Valueform and will be responsible for all legal and commercial contracts, financials, budgets, investor reporting, taxation.

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