Currently focused on the private car hire segment, ubiCabs has created a cloud-based car services booking platform with related mobile and web apps for customers, drivers and taxi companies. This huge industry ($100bn+ worldwide by 2015 for taxi and PHV) still operates with processes that pre-date the Internet era: phone, street hailing and ranks. ubiCabs is building the first taxi Global Distribution System to put the industry online.

Management Team

Commercial Director

Jay Patel

Jay is the co-founder and commercial director of ubiCabs. Before starting ubiCabs, Jay ran Google’s process optimisation for AdSense, mobile and distribution deals throughout EMEA. He began his career with IBM, for whom he worked on strategy, marketing, CRM and process reengineering projects. While completing an MSc at the University of Pennsylvania, Jay initiated a venture to provide mobile location services to customers.

Managing Director

Lorenzo Caffarri

Lorenzo is the co-founder and director of ubiCabs. Prior to launching ubiCabs, Lorenzo was Head of IT at the French logistics division of Carrefour, the world’s second largest retailer. There he implemented cutting-edge technology to optimize the supply chain from the source to the point of delivery, benefiting consumers and suppliers alike. Having led a series of advanced process improvements at Carrefour, while studying for his MBA at London

Chief Technology Officer

Prem Sharma

Prem is the co-founder and chief technology officer at ubiCabs. Prem cut his teeth in technology at Computer Science Corporation before heading up the technology consulting department at Fizzback, a start-up specialising in customer management that has recently been acquired for $80m by Nice Systems. Prem has extensive experience in building complex technology solutions and managing global teams.

Business Development

James Bamford

James is an experienced & successful early stage / high-growth executive. He was previously Head of Business Development at Multimap, where he grew it from $0m to $20m revenues. He then headed up local search business development at Microsoft after their acquisition of Multimap.

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