The Clic is a dating application for mobile phone it enables its users to build up their profile with photos anoted with captions. The idea is based on the phenomenal success of Instagram. The Clic users are male and female singles from 18-35 years old active Instagramers eager to share their world and their interest with photos rather than words.

Management Team

UX/UI designer

Neelu Bhuman

Neelu Bhuman is the principal and Interactive Director of an emerging global design studio, Design Of Neelu, which provides web and mobile application design and development services to startups and nonprofits. In the recent past, Neelu has worked with award winning design studios such as IDEO, Interbrand, Better World Advertising in San Francisco and Square Tomato and Dumb Eyes in Seattle. Neelu worked for Motorola Inc. for six years as a Seni

Founder, director

Laurence Asmine Baroini

After completing my degree in Socilogy in Paris X I have worked as a photographer assistant. I moved to London 5 years ago and have worked on a free lance basis as a writer and photographer and producer. Two years ago I have been introduced to the London tech scene through my friends and participated in event such as Start up Week end. I started to work on The Clic in August 2012 and I can't wait to bring to life this app that Neelu and I have c

Laurence Baroini

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