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Preoday Limited

We give foodservice venues their own-branded mobile apps for free, enabling customers to order directly from them in return for permanently lower prices.


A technology company, we provide white-labelled apps to foodservice venues so they can take online orders, cutting queues and improving sales.Takeaway restaurants can cut back on middlemen (eg JUST EAT charge 10-13% commission). Venues manage menus, pricing, and payments themselves. We support 189 venues on the platform, up from 15 in April. The product is market-proven and has begun scaling. The Company began taking revenue in September 2014.

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Management Team

Chief Executive

Andrew White

25 years successfully growing and running large, global technology businesses in the US and UK. I was COO of start-up listed on NASDAQ, sold for $245m in 2007, and CEO of a divisional turnaround, which was spun out to private equity for $620m in 2011.

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