We believe an audience will pay for immersive entertainment delivered to where they are via tablets and other devices. Immersive Entertainment is a new category and there are no established market leaders. Our vision is to be the number 1 global entertainment brand for immersive entertainment in three years, with a specific focus on delivering immersive entertainment thrillers for 35+ year old, ABC1 audience.

Management Team


Julian McCrea

Managing Director.Worked at the forefront of multiplatform digital strategy in the advertising industry, working with engaging 6-12 year olds with the CBBC brand and show properties (MI High, Sarah Jane Adventures), CBeebies, BBC Switch, BBC iPlayer and main BBC One properties Eastenders and Bang goes the Theory, winning two PROMAX awards. He also launched the Doctor Who global facebook page, with over 1.6 million fans at the time of press.

Advisory Board

Marc Goodchild

Advisory Board. Senior Executive at the BBC (specialising in digital strategy, product development and cross-platform web and TV production) and overseen annual turnovers of around £10 million pa. I have led on the commercial exploitation of a numer of digital media properties and taken an active role selling them to international markets.


Tim Jakob

25 years of senior financial management experience initially with corporates such as Monster Worldwide and Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Head of Marketing and Analytics

Rebecca Jones

15 years experience, former head of CRM at BBC Worldwide.

Head of Sales and Distribution

Simon Hutson

15 years experience, former SVP of Digital Distribution at BBC Worldwide.


Duncan Ross

Former CTO at Nintendo and Sony, worked on both the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 4, with 13 years experience and 11 published titles.

Head of Story

Mike Jones

Winner of the Australian Writers Guild Award, Lecturer at the Australian Film and Television School, specialising in horror and thriller genre narratives.

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