Mifinder is the world’s first real-time social support platform, using filters and GPS to help users connect based on shared life experiences, to reduce isolation and build mutual support. Examples of life experiences include depression, cancer, bereavement, and disabilities.

The platform will be provided as part of an Employee Assistance Program to improve employee welfare and is being offered to charities to help their members.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Gabriel Saclain

An ambitious and passionate minority entrepreneur with a decade of regeneration experience working closely with, and identifying the needs of, the communities now served by Mifinder. He graduated in marketing and is accomplished in business planning and growth, project management, interpersonal communication, negotiation, staff management, public relations and marketing.


Phil Williams

Experienced business planner and marketer, Phil has a background in copywriting, education and online marketing. He was responsible for the successful design and management of a number of websites, and is a self-published author. Phil brings expertise in business strategy, communications, operations and marketing.


Rosalind Bergemann

The CEO of Globalite Management Services and Chairman of the membership organisation Asperger’s Leaders, Rosalind has over 20 years of experience in international business strategy and growth. A consultant, author and public speaker, she has been recognised as a life-achiever by the Who’s Who of International Professionals.


Martin Sykes

Business growth specialist with 40 years in the Telecommunications, IT, Security, Energy and Enterprise Sectors and 30 years global commercial sales & marketing, companies such as Oracle and AEG. Also a member of Mifinder communities, living with hearing difficulties and disability.

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