Karisma Kidz

Karisma Kidz is an award-winning brand that develops emotional intelligence in young children using superhero characters, digital games and family activities.


Karisma Kidz combines digital adventure games with real-world activities to develop emotional intelligence in young children. These skills help children build stronger relationships, contribute positively to their communities, and become more effective learners at school, while reducing the burden of mental health disorders to the NHS and the economy. Our products have won multiple awards and our app has been preloaded to over 2 million tablets.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Chief Superhero

Erika Brodnock

Mum, Entrepreneur & Energy Psychologist with a passion for philanthropy! Erika is a highly sought-after and well-respected child confidence and emotional intelligence expert. She is the creator of several digital resources on themes including emotional and social learning, digital safety, and digital parenting education. She is Sky News’ resident child confidence expert and her seminars cover most areas of family life.


Rupert Findlay

Rupert is an entrepreneur with over 20yrs experience of running his own business. He has two trade exits to date both in the retail/ apparel space and is currently focused on scaling his latest venture http://www.Miioon.com (in the kids online co-creation space), as well as his NED role, supporting the 'Karisma Kidz Family'.


Chris Taylor

Chris was co-founder of Origin Products Limited the Inventors and Brand Developers for the Polly Pocket brand, one of the largest girls dolls brands in its day, sold to Mattel in 2007.  Director of Fuse London Ltd http://www.fuse.uk.com one of the world’s leading Children’s Brand Development Companies. The Taylor Brothers have been involved in retail, building up a large chain of retail stores and taken to a PLC flotation, and were owners of one

Super Psychologist

Amanda Gummer

Child Psychologist specialising in play and parenting Dr Amanda Gummer is a psychologist who specialises in play, parenting and child development, and has worked with families and children for nearly 20 years. She is also the driving force behind The Good Toy Guide, and invested in Karisma Kidz in 2013 after working with Erika on a market research project that revealed the astonishing popularity of our products among both children and parents.

Creativity Captain

Ruth Anderson-Davis

Ruth spent more than 8 years in creating and licensing product for some of the biggest names in the retail and music industries. Ruth achieved and award for a collaboration with Sainsbury's TU childrens' clothing and EMI Music. Experienced in negotiation, project management, relationship building and licensing, Ruth also writes and produces original music for Karisma Kidz.


Nick Johnson

Nick is a commercial director with significant FMCG experience gained in world leading. He has a passion and track record for delivering year on year growth, improving productivity and profitability, developing winning strategies and building high performance teams. Nick currently works for Unilever leading the business operations team of 31, a central function that ensures delivery of over £2bn turnover, through the sales team.

Digital Strategist

Chris Cokson

Chirs acts as the bridge between the business and the technology. He is a seasoned business analyst with over 14 years’ experience in the IT industry, and has worked for companies in many sectors across Europe and Africa. Customers include lastminute.com and Hewlett Packard

Backend Developer

Maciej Mikulski

Maciej is a web and android developer with vast project management skills and experience in multiple startup projects. He is passionate about game development and building the backends that enable games to scale worldwide.


Kat Bruce

Kat has a PhD in Genetics and has extensive experience of leading teams, including under challenging conditions such as deep in the Amazon rainforest. Kat previously worked as a programme manager at Wayra (Telefónica’s global start-up accelerator) and has joined the Karisma Kidz team to help structure and organize the business as it grows.

Digital Product Director

Justin Edwards

Justin worked for the largest independent games developer and publisher in the UK for 8 years; Justin has been accountable for releasing Runescape (taking more than £45 million in revenue in 2014), War of Legends (more than £3 million profit per year) and growing Herotopia from 25,000 users to 650,000 inside of a year.

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