Kantox is the low-cost solution to exchange foreign currencies. For example, if a client purchases 1.000.000$ per year, its total savings would be 15.000$ on average. Kantox allows currencies to be exchanged transparently, directly between companies without going through the banking system and paying excessive fees. We have executed single trades for more than 1.000.000$ and traded more than 15.000.000USD to date.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Philippe Guillaume Gelis

Six years in the consulting industry, the last 2 years in Deloitte, and a huge will to create a disruptive business in the financial industry. Specialties FX risk, Corporate FX risk management, FX hedging solutions, Currency risk, Currency risk management, P2P Finance, Peer-to-peer Finance, Business strategy, Business Plan, Start-ups, New ventures.


Antonio Rami

Graduated at ESADE majoring in Finance, experience in Venture Capital at Inveready Seed Capital and 2 years in strategic consultancy at Deloitte. Currently leveraging this knowledge with a great team, entrepeneur at Kantox, a disruptive business in the financial industry. Specialties Currency expousure management, Corporate FX Risk Management, FX hedging solutions, Currency risk management Financial Advisory Business strategy Business P


John Carbajal


Albert Morales

Senior Engineer

Adam Sokolnicki

CFO - Compliancy

Laurent Descaut

Account Manager

Maximilien Hubot


Marek Fodor

Customer Relationship Manager

Oriol Rey

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