GamerDating gives Gamers who are looking to find a relationship with those that share their hobby, the opportunity to interact in a safe and non-anonymous environment.

At 158,000 signups, It is ready for rapid expansion.

The service started to create revenue this year through premium membership options, advertising revenue and affiliate partnerships.

GamerDating has plugged in nearly 100 key affiliate/publishing partners.

Video Pitch

Management Team


James Palmer

This is James' "SirNoggin's" first business, but his experience with the gaming industry as a Gamer and a contributor were invaluable to identify the people, the companies and the networks that need to be broken into in order for GamerDating to flourish. He spent the last 3 years building a trusted team and flexible business model.


Alexander Brown

Alexander "Farske" Brown has been an avid gamer all his life. Alex has been a fan of anything that offers a competitive challenge and team play. Alex is previously of RTSGuru/MMORPG.com to provide articles, editorials and insight into the eSports world (the world of competitive gaming. He knows the audience and demographic of the eSports world as well as contacts and ability to navigate the community.


Max Heath Brown

Max is a veteran of 25 years in the gaming industry; he has worked with the authors of “Tetris” (Garriott Bros), Maxis’s “Sim City” and “The Sims”, some of the world’s largest games IP’s, before they were acquired by EA. Max was a major force behind some of the largest gaming providers GamerDating will be working with to market their service. Max’s more recent work includes: NCSoft 2005 to 2009, where he was Chief Operations and Sales Director.


Melissa Walther

I have worked with several small businesses in building their products and marketing strategies, including being in the original GamerDating team. In December 2013 alone I closed over $200k in technology sales, rounding out a year that put me on the VP’s list of top performers. I work with passionate people to learn, make and grow opportunities. I hand-picked my team from hundreds of sales people for their skills and their intense inner fires.


Adam Yoder

bring to Gamerdating a range of programming languages, database management skills, and knowledge of the current trends. The current programming languages that I would consider myself fluent in are: C, HTML, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, NODE.JS, ACTIONSCRIPT 3.0, PHP, AJAX, SQL, CSS, CSS3. I've held multiple certifications in the computer industry such as networking certified, Linux server certified, A+ certification.


Rene Magri

In my experience and network I can help GD not just on the above, but also on recruiting matters, branding, strategic deals for content (Games and other type of partners), PR, Mobile, and more. I have hundreds of partners and connections globally to help GD achieve it's potential in the niches we occupy

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