First remit 22

First Remit Money Transfer

First Remit makes remittance fast, cheap and affordable for the mass market. Charges a very low, without hidden fees. (mid-market FX + 0.1% to 0.5% fee)


• International Money Transfer
• Fast, Safe, Inexpensive, User friendly and Convenient Payment Platform
• Online and Mobile Application availability

First Remit is a money transfer service company headquartered in London, United Kingdom (licensed by the FCA, HMRC).The company offers low-cost, fast and secure money transfers from the UK and Turkey to just about every country around the globe. First Remit is the first start-up company in Turkey.

Management Team


Erdi Call

Product Manager

Emrah Kilic

Customer Loyalty Team

Kudret Sahin


Monika Arslan

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