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To address directly into the consumer behaviour of every Retail Investor, to disrupt the decision making process when acquiring Investment Services.


Web & Mobile App that function as the largest and most accesible source of information for trusted Asset Management Firms and benchmark service information in the world to make decisions that are smart, timely and accurate.
This World Database contains information on a broad range of hot topics concerning the financial growth for every Retail Investor.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder of FinXLA

Alfredo Chaparro

Passionate entrepreneur in Fintech


Juan Gargiulo

Minimalistech MINIMALISTECH Founder, Owner 2010 - Present · over 5 years The Wikilife Foundation THE WIKILIFE FOUNDATION CTO 2010 - Present · almost 5 years Enzyme Venture Capital ENZYME VENTURE CAPITAL Principal 2011 - Present · over 4 years Fitnity FITNITY Online coaching for weight loss Founder SHALON VENTURES Mobile Advisor 2006 - 2007 · almost 2 years FinXGlobal FINXGLOBAL Cross-border retail investments made frictionless Founder

VP Engineer

Sajil Koroth

QuiQ QUIQ QuiQ is an iPhone app for sharing time-lapse micro videos. Founder FinXGlobal FINXGLOBAL Cross-border retail investments made frictionless Founder RealtyFunder REALTYFUNDER Cross border real estate crowd funding platform Founder ForwardLane FORWARDLANE A Smart Liquid Alternative Distribution Platform for Financial Advisors Founder

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