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Faxi Ltd

A unique smartphone application and technology platform that allows commuters to record their journeys to receive a financial incentives.


There is an international opportunity for a platform that allows groups to encourage and administer journey sharing to take advantage of; improved safety, convenience, cost savings and ecological sustainability. Faxi is map-based social network that allows any group to set up a service for its group. Groups with a common transport goal can see where their members are located in relation to their common destination and connect and share journeys.

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Management Team

Founder & CEO

Tony Lynch

Tony is our Founder and CEO. Since the age of 24 he has identified opportunities and created and managed businesses to exploit those opportunities. Tony's last last business, Mobcast was created, developed and sold to Tesco in four years for over £6 million.

Founder & Creative Director

Keith Crook

Keith is our Creative Director and leads our design and UX team. He brings extensive experience in branding and marketing and was a Co-Founder of award winning agency Bite, which was the global brand agency for Volvo Cars. Keith brings a blend of big brand and identity experience, and a passion for digital technology and user experience. Keith is also a Co-Founder of the sustainability website

Founder & CTO

Francois Planke

François has seen high profile successes across digital technology platforms including in his role as CTO at Mobcast Services and Mappy. He was also CTO for Musiwave, one of the original innovators in mobile music entertainment, which was acquired by Openwave Systems Inc. in 2005 for €99.5 million. François lives in Paris with his family, and is sparing with his words.

Data Scientist

Sebastian Mohnke

Seb is our in-house Data Scientist and has a Masters in Statistics. Seb has worked with Daimler, the German car producer, where he spent 12 months in the Electric Vehicle division. Sebastian works closely with our strategic partners and customers to analysis thousands of commuter journeys to understand the future of car sharing and autonomous vehicles.

Chief Marketing Officer

Alexian Chiavegato

Alexian is our Chief Marketing Officer with a dynamic track record in social media, marketing, value propositions and PR - he lives and breathes user engagement. Alex has worked around the globe from Shanghai to New York. His previous experiences span a variety of international roles in sales, marketing and product including EF (Education First) with over 40 thousand employees and Voxy, a disruptive NYC startup changing the way people learn.

Engineering Manager

Lewis Kite

Lewis is key to ensuring structure and the streamlined delivery of software within the business. Leading the software team, he provides technical strategy and works as a core partner with the leadership team. previous to Faxi, Lewis was instrumental in building and promoting many of the first online gaming websites and apps. He understands existing technology and crafts a vision that helps our users transition to our 21st century technology.

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