Today distributed work is more common than ever before.
20% of people work remotely for at least part of their week and this is expected to rise to 50% by 2020. The web is our new office.

Deekit is an unlimited canvas for you and your team to draw, write, edit and add other content. Together, in real time. A whiteboard for remote teams to share ideas, brainstorm together, discuss complex problems, product and business planning.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder & CEO

Kaili Kleemeier

Kaili's experience comes from customer care, building up partnerships and payment systems, leading incident and change management and leading entire operations at Skype.

Founder & CTO

Kristo Magi

Kristo has over 20 years background in engineering, quality assurance, security and building architecture for millions of users. He has previously worked over 8 years at Skype.

Founder & Creative Engineer, design

Erki Esken

Erki is a full stack developer and designer with more than 20 years experience and has worked on building future Skype clients. Such as Skype on TV for example.

Founder & Creative Engineer

Asko Tamm

Asko was responsible for running and scaling p2p network and has been leading operational teams at Skype for years. Aside this, he has over 15 years experience in engineering and building and running large-scale systems.

Creative Engineer

Andres Nirk

Creative Engineer

Risto Novik

Creative Engineer

Margred Lilienbach

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