What3words has announced a new partnership with one of the world’s biggest transport companies

Apr 20, 2017 · bdaily.co.uk

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Innovative addressing startup what3words has revealed that German transport giant Deutsche Bahn will be utilising its three-word worldwide location system after its venture capital arm invested in the company.

The investment from Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures will see the infrastructure firm adopt the location platform, which splits the Earth into 3m by 3m square and assigns each one a unique three-word address, to improve its logistics processes and channel it into new technologies such as drones and on-demand deliveries.

The exact investment is undisclosed but the London-based business has said that the investment is in addition to its £6.3m Series B funding round which it closed last year.

Boris Kühn, Managing Director at Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures enthused about the potential for the technology, hailing its ‘accuracy’ and ‘simplicity’ which he claims will help DB modernise its logistics operations.

He commented: "There’s a clear need for the precision that the what3words system offers, as the world’s best addressed markets embrace technologies that require far higher accuracy than street addresses allow.

"What3words has shown a truly global mindset through the partnerships they have secured and the rate of growth and innovation over the past 6 months has been phenomenal."

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