TLA's Russ Shaw is fortifying London's position as a global tech powerhouse

Feb 12, 2018 ·

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With a discernibly American twang, tainted softly-British, New York-born Russ Shaw is, perhaps, not who one might expect as London’s tech cheerleader on the world stage.

Although, perhaps his being here is a testament to exactly why the capital, a hotchpotch of international talent and innovation, is worth shouting about so loudly. He’s the founder of both Tech London Advocates (TLA) and Global Tech Advocates. The groups are hive minds of leaders, experts, and investors in the field, each member connecting to form the most influential private-sector group in tech.

Shaw has earned his stripes. With a career spanning 27 years, touching almost every sector, he has certainly seen a thing or two in his time. A decade at Amex was followed by setting up the first ever online share-dealing platform. The dotcom boom preceded roles from marketing to global innovation, at firms from O2 to Skype, and many in between.

Today, after seeing the government take solid steps when he sat on the Tech City Advisory Group, Shaw’s mission is to connect those who will shape our future, and ensure their voices are heard in halls of power.

"I sort of thought," says Shaw, "‘government and City Hall are doing a very good job promoting tech – but where’s the private sector? Where’s the diverse group of leaders from the private sector, coming together to get behind this?’ Because ultimately that’s who will build the tech ecosystem – the founders, the entrepreneurs, the investors, the big corporates."

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