The Dubler Studio Kit lets you use your voice to control synths, drum machines and other MIDI gear

Mar 13, 2019 ·

10 dubler studio kit

Vochlea Music, a U.K. startup and alumni of Abbey Road Red, the music tech incubator from Abbey Road Studios, is launching a crowdfunding campaign today for "Dubler Studio Kit," a new device and app that turns your voice into a MIDI controller for synths, drum machines, DAWs and other music gear.

Described as a "vocal MIDI controller," the Dubler Studio Kit consists of a bespoke USB microphone and a desktop application for Mac and Windows. It claims to be able to listen to you sing or beatbox and turn those sounds into MIDI notes and other MIDI control messages in real time.

Designed to be responsive enough to use live or for use in a recording studio, with a bit of practice, its makers say you’ll be able to hum a synth pattern (depending on your ability to sing in relative tune), beatbox to trigger a virtual drum kit or manipulate effects and filters vocally.

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