talent.io Leads Tech Recruitment Event Hacking Growth: Building Diverse Teams Alongside An Inclusive Culture Event

Jun 5, 2018 · 5 Prestigious Speakers, all from major tech companies, will take the stage and share their strategies in building an inclusive culture.


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For London Tech Week, talent.io is bringing together a number of technology leaders currently running fast-growing tech start-ups in London to discuss why they believe building diverse teams alongside developing inclusive cultures is the key to growing their companies and what they are doing to ensure it’s happening.

The event will explore:

- Why do you feel diverse teams are integral to success?

- Are there instances when you feel diversity is not important?

- How do you accommodate neurodiverse employees if at all?

- What is your advice to other founders/HR teams looking to build diverse teams?

- Where are the diverse candidates hiding?

- Do you believe in positive discrimination?

- What about the idea of simply hiring the best person for the job?

The event will include a panel designed for CEOs and senior tech leaders currently responsible for designing, building & maintaining their culture.

Panelists inculde:

- Nadine Thomson- Director of technology at Condé Nast International

- Adam Benzecrit- Co-founder at infloAi

- Emma Gillman- Lead recruiter at Smarkets

- Erinn Collier- Head of the UK at Uber for Business

- Katie-Mai Kong- People & Culture Partner at Google DeepMind

- Umar Farouk Umar- Data protection manager at DueDil

The event will be held, Wed 13 June at Perkbox Offices, 22 Tudor St, London EC4Y 0AY. Click here to register and learn more!

Save 20% with code TALENTLTW

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