Start-Up Stories: Drones on Demand

Apr 23, 2018 ·

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Matthew Greaves, founder of Drones on Demand, tells BQ what inspired him to launch the drone enabled survey and inspection business.

Tell us about Drones on Demand – what does the company do?

Drones on Demand collects data for clients using drones to get cameras and other sensors to places that are difficult, dangerous or expensive to reach. We can then turn this data into maps and 3D models for our clients to use or hand over the raw data for further analysis.

This could be a scan of a construction site, a record of an archaeologically significant site or even detailed pictures of the condition of an electricity pylon. We are experts in flying drones, capturing and processing data and hold what’s called a Permit for Commercial Operation, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority that allows us to fly the drones commercially.

We also provide consultancy on how organisations could use drones to help them save time, money and reduce the risk of some of their operations, for example where they have people working at height purely to complete visual inspections.

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