Shape is an app to help you learn how to invest the ethical way

Mar 6, 2018 ·

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Recently launched out of beta, U.K. startup Shape wants to create a more educational trading experience for a new generation of traders, including those who might be concerned with the ethical standards of the sectors or companies they back.

The Shape iOS app assumes no or very little prior trading knowledge and provides easy-to-follow information on how to make trades and what to look for when choosing stocks. Trades can also be executed via integration with popular brokerages, such as Fidelity, eTrade, and Vanguard.

More broadly, Shape is hoping to tap into a trend that has seen a number of new trading apps launch that aim to make it easier, cheaper and more accessible to start stock market trading, coupled with the needs of a new generation of first-time traders who are seeking clear and digestible market information.

"We built the app having seen an increase in accessibility following a surge in low fee platforms like Robinhood, Bux and other low cost trading platforms," Shape co-founder Will Shimidzu tells me. "Our concern is that people are going in blind and that current stock research is, possibly by design, unnecessarily complex".

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