SeedLegals launches new product for 'family and friends' startup funding

Nov 8, 2017 ·

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SeedLegals, an online service that closes startup rounds, has launched a new ‘Friends and Family’ product, helping UK founders to close the first round of funding in minutes.

The package includes tutorials, assistance and help to legally complete the round and issue shares to new investors. According to the SeedLegals platform, founders can reduce the time and cost of closing their round by 80 per cent compared to using a law firm.

The new Friends and Family product provides a startup’s early investors with everything they need to protect their investment and reliably access SEIS benefits, essential for early-stage UK funding rounds.

Anthony Rose, co-founder and CEO at SeedLegals, said: "Navigating the legal process required to close a funding round can be the biggest hurdle for startups but, more than this, the costs can consume a large chunk of the initial investment, damaging to growth.

"Having been through the funding process ourselves many times, my business partner and I wanted to create a service that radically transforms the process for founders and investors."

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