Picfair gives every photographer on its marketplace their own store

Sep 25, 2018 · techcrunch.com


Picfair, the photo marketplace that competes with Getty and Shutterstock by giving photographers a fairer deal, is adding a major update to its offering today. The London-based startup is launching Picfair Stores, giving the 35,000 photographers on its marketplace the ability to create their own free independent online store. Customers who buy from a Picfair Store can choose a licensed digital copy or a physical print.

"We’re moving beyond being just a new generation stock image marketplace," Picfair founder Benji Lanyado, who used to be a journalist at The Guardian, tells me. "With stores, and prints, and more… we’re becoming a fully featured commercial ecosystem for photographers. At the heart of it all: the principle that anyone should be able to make money from their images, simply and fairly".

In addition, every image on a photographer’s individual Picfair Store will also be available simultaneously on Picfair’s marketplace, which Lanyado likens to "thousands of local image stores across the globe, with a central Amazon-style megastore they all feed in to".

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