London Underground wi-fi data collection 'has huge potential'

Jul 10, 2019 ·

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From this week, Transport for London (TfL) is going to collect data anonymously through its wi-fi from our phones as we move about the network.

And the potential for it is absolutely huge.

It reminds me of the transport planning during the Olympics in 2012 when commuters were asked to re-plan their journeys.

Instead of building new Tube lines or buying new trains, why not use our existing ones in a much more efficient smarter way?

Until this week, TfL knew where we entered the system and where we exited. But it didn't know what we did in-between. From now on, it will know where we go.

Data was collected from 5.6 million mobile devices during a four-week pilot in 2016.

From this, TfL realised the data could help improve customer experience.

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