London proposes stricter vetting for ride-hailing drivers

Mar 27, 2018 ·

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London’s transport regulator is asking for public views on a series of new proposals aimed at boosting the safety of private hire vehicles (PHVs), such as cars served via ride-hailing platforms like Uber.

Among the measures Transport for London (TfL) is considering are:

- Enhanced background checks for private hire drivers — with a proposal to introduce a minimum three-year enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check for drivers to "guarantee that a full and comprehensive period of criminal history is available for consideration as part of the licensing process"

- Advanced driving tests for private hire drivers

- Additional signage on PHVs — including showing details of TfL’s customer complaints procedure

- Additional insurance requirements for PHVs and a requirement for drivers to display their IDs inside the vehicle

"Our overriding concern in developing these proposals is to improve passenger safety. We are also committed to maintaining a clear distinction between the taxi and private hire trades and further improving the quality, safety, accessibility and overall standard of private hire vehicle provision in London," TfL writes.

"We believe that the proposed measures will contribute to this aim and invite comments and views before making any changes."

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