Local councils are unhappy after a startup littered the streets of London with hundreds of yellow bicycles

Jul 17, 2017 · businessinsider.com

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Local councils and the mayor's office have expressed concern to Business Insider over bike-sharing startup oBike, after it left hundreds of yellow bicycles on the streets of London without properly notifying boroughs that it was launching.

oBike is a startup from Singapore that announced earlier this month that it plans to deploy at least 5,500 bikes across London.

Users pay a deposit of £49 to access the bikes, and rides are then billed at 50p every 30 minutes.

The sell is that oBike's bicycles are "dockless," meaning you don't need to return them to a dedicated parking station at the end of your ride. The bicycles work with a wireless wheel locking mechanism, but unfortunately that means a rider could just leave them anywhere.

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